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About Traditional Art / Professional Juan NavarroMale/United States Group :iconmarvel-universe: Marvel-Universe
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Original Page of Comic Art, pencils and Inks
This is a more in-depth, inked, with maybe some bits of color, of a character of your choosing on 11x17 bristol
If you have your own character you want to me to sketch up, please give me as much info as possible!
Character Concept Sketches
This is a multi-media drawing, if you have character you want to figure out, and such. I can do up to 3 rendition until we get a character page you can dig, based on descriptions and e-mails and such. Also good for objects, weapons, inventions and pitches.   
9 x 12 Pin up Piece, Fast Inks B&W
T   his is a more in-depth, inked, with maybe some bits of color, of a character of your choosing on 9x12 bristol
This includes mailing the original art to you, domestic US (international you will have to hit me up on notes)
If you have your own character you want to me to sketch up, please give me as much info as possible!
Fast and Dirty Character Sketch
Quick and Dirty, high energy drawing of character of your choosing: inked, with maybe some bit sof color, of a character of your choosing.
If you have your own character you want to me to sketch up, please give me as much info as possible!

Size May vary
Sketch Card
A classic 2.5 x 3.5 Original Art card of any character of your choosing, Full color. Done on Bristol Board Card, with Copics and Water Color pencil
Pencil Sketch of a Character of your choosing
Quick pencil sketch of a character of your choosing, random sized  page, B&W but done with lots of love!
If you have your own character you want to me to sketch up, please give me as much info as possible!



S0, okay it's been quiet around ZY for the last couple of months and I know you guys are biting at the bit to see issue 10 end. ALL IN DUE TIME. I'm working on the new pages, and we're heading into the introduction of the series to a national market next year for solicitations. We will also be doing a significant amazing awesome super duper Kickstarter for it.  Yep you'll be able to get all 10 issues on thier for a super aweosme sweet price, with original variant covers just for that! PLus access to a totally new reformatted version of ZY with new artwork and insights into the series! Here's a sneak peek:

Done by amazing Paul Bulman, it's just one of the many new covers and looks we have coming to ya! I will inform you guys of all of these developments as they come around.

Holidays are here and before it used to be a time to hunker down, away form the conventions and craziness, and nail down new stuff for the next year. Now with The Goblin's Heist, I have been doing double hustle, not only with the holidays and sales and but also taking time to finish project for the next year ( always plan ahead) and help run Creature while of course, seeing Family and friends this whole time.


I was reminded that it is only the first 6 months of the shop and things are growing. They are definitely not where they need to be, but it's getting there. There is a certain perspective you have to keep in this and that is of taking time and honing things. I know very little of retail, at least at the owners end of it. There are many in and outs, acceptable dealings, bullshit you have to put up with, daily tasks, and certain habit need to be formed. I'm getting there. I think a lot of times starting any business is like being on fire, and you have to find a way to put it out, at the same time not light everything else up with you. I know a little much, but that the urgency I feel all the time.

So now at a year, I want to try something, with you, the audience. Some are visiting, because of the link, but i know have about 2K+ subscribed in one way or another to this blog, be it from all the social media I have attached myself to, and so have you, it seems!

Here is a link and it's to a Paypal donation like button. I want to see if you guy can give to the site, even a buck, for it's maintenance. I have to renew this year, and thought that it's time for certain things to pull it's own weight. I love the blog and would continue doing it, as I've done for a while, and i have the money to keep it going, sure, but now I want to see something for myself. Can it sustain itself? Are you all coming to this site and enjoying it enough to help keep it going? IN a sense I'm trying to find an inherent value to my work that is as mundane as money.

And to make it a bit of a trip to anyone who gives more than $10 to the website, I will send an awesome 11x17 print of "The Eternal Guitarist playing for a Single Rose" signed by me with a little sketch on back, with some added goodies probably as I go.


So yes, let me know your out there and if you want, tell people about the sordid man making, selling, and evangelizing comics in Hialeah by telling people about this page. 

Okay so now, we go forward, into the winter, into the torpor, into celebration, into reflection, into libations, and into another year. I may write before, but will be posting drawings for sure.

  • Listening to: Nerdist Podcast
  • Reading: SUPERGODS by Grant Morrison
  • Watching: Orphan Black Season 1
  • Playing: MTG Zombie/Control Deck
  • Eating: Chipotle
  • Drinking: Earl Tea

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Juan Navarro
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
FWACATA: 1. Interjection of Cuban Spanish origin used when someone else smacks their head on something, falls, or otherwise causes themselves pain accidentally, particularly if you foresaw it happening. Likened to “wham.” 2. A Miami Born Latino Artist who creates the fantastic with open arms.

Thanks for coming to my Deviantart where I have various works of mine I have done over the year. I love to tell stories, be them with a single image, with multiple pages or a random idea. I pair with chuckle or a sigh, something to fuse it into a real IDEA and present it to you in the various formats I have available, trying to find the next medium to bring the next best thing forward. Check it out and find sketches and updates on

Artist Statement: My work isolates the world into a more manageable space, be it in design, illustration, or Sequential Art, honing technique and technology. The focus is the process, each piece is a journey in my desire for a certain project, vision or idea, to it's best potential, for a simple understanding and control of the daily universe.

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament" -Oscar Wilde


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